About Us: Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas
Fighting Fantasy Audio Dramas
The Hero's Quest script
Rachel Atkins recording her part
The finished product: The Hero's Quest CD
Toby Longworth at our trading table at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2
Our table before trading began at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2
Lauren and Evelyn at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2
Business meeting! From L to R: Richard, Lauren, Jon and David.
Recording a podcast. From L to R: Dave, Richard, and Jon
At Dragonmeet 2017. From L to R: Richard, Dave and Jon.
Photo (c) Jonathan Green
Just a little bit about the team...

Richard Fox and Lauren Yason met on a performing arts course at University and in 2004 they started Fox Yason Music Productions with the opening of their recording studio in North London. In 2012 they started working on audio dramas for the likes of Big Finish and Games Workshop and have amassed credits on a long list of productions since then.

As well as a long career in television post production, David Smith has contributed short stories to numerous anthologies covering a range of genres including sci-fi, fantasy, horror, steampunk and victorian crime thriller.

The story behind The Hero's Quest begins when Richard and David decided that the time was right to embark on a new project. After working on other people's projects for many years, they knew they had the skills to do something themselves, and to do it well. Fighting Fantasy was something they'd both loved since the series originally came out, the books provided a fantastic set of scenarios to play in, and (very importantly!) the rights were available.

To complete the team, Jon Saffron provided technical help (including the building of this website) and Evelyn Oo brought her artistic flair and experience in illustrating RPGs to create original artwork for the production.

The Hero's Quest was recorded and engineered during the Summer of 2017 and launched at Fighting Fantasy Fest 2 on September 2nd. We looking forward to bringing you many more adventures from the lands of Allansia and beyond.

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