presents 4 new dramas based on the original works by Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone
The Forest of Doom:
Lost in Darkwood
The Citadel of Chaos:
Terror of the Ganjees
Deathtrap Dungeon:
The Last Champion
Creature of Havoc:
The Monster of Dree

4 Original Full Cast Dramas Starring:

Rachel Atkins as Vale Moonwing
David Warner as Yaztromo
Lisa Bowerman as Evelina of Dree
Andrew Wincott as Balthus Dire
Charlie Higson as Baron Sukumvit
Richard Rycroft as Throm the Barbarian

Plus cameos from our Kickstarter supporters Bryan Howarth and Lin Liren!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates throughout the production process.
The Forest of Doom Copyright © 1983–2018 Ian Livingstone
The Citadel of Chaos Copyright © 1983–2018 Steve Jackson
Deathtrap Dungeon Copyright © 1984–2018 Ian Livingstone
Creature of Havoc Copyright © 1986–2018 Steve Jackson
Recording Copyright © 2018 Fox Yason Music Productions Limited

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