The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: The Hero's Quest
The Hero's Quest is the first in a range of full-cast audio dramas, inspired by the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks.

...exactly what you’d want a drama based on the Fighting Fantasy series to be... The tale nails the feel of the Fighting Fantasy series perfectly Review by Starburst magazine

...definitely has the feel of getting lost in a Fighting Fantasy engaging and entertaining experience... Review by Sci-Fi Bulletin

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Join elven hero Vale Moonwing and adventurer Cassius Stormblade on their quest through the depths of Firetop Mountain. Can they avoid the deadly traps and Zagor's army of the undead? Can they stay alive long enough to confront the dark warlock himself?

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Main Cast Credits:

Rachel Atkins
Rachel Atkins
Vale Moonwing
Vale Moonwing
Rachel is a versatile voice actor including work on The Archers, many titles for Big Finish and BBC Radio plus recent work on video games Fable 3, Dragon Age II and Dragon Age III.
Tim Treloar
Tim Treloar
Cassius Stormblade
Cassius Stormblade
Tim is a very experienced radio/voice actor with an extensive CV in audio/radio drama including many titles for Games Workshop’s Warhammer/Horus Heresy ranges and is also currently playing the Third Doctor for Big Finish Productions' Doctor Who range.
Toby Longworth
Toby Longworth
Toby is a highly-respected voice actor who has worked on many Sci-Fi and Fantasy titles including Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Doctor Who and many Warhammer/Horus Heresy dramas.


Production Details:

Vale Moonwing: Rachel Atkins
Cassius Stormblade: Tim Treloar
Zagor: Toby Longworth
Orc Chieftain: Harry Primus
…other parts played by members of the cast
Writer/Producer: David N. Smith
Director/Producer: Richard Fox
Producer: Lauren Yason
Music & Sound Design: Richard Fox & Lauren Yason
Original Art: Evelyn Oo
Executive Producer: Jon Saffron
Promotional Video Director: James Weston
Promotional Video Producer: David N. Smith
Duration: 56½ mins
Recorded: 17th July – 2nd August 2017
The Warlock of Firetop Mountain Copyright © 1982–2018 Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone
Recording Copyright © 2017–2018 Fox Yason Music Productions Limited

Listen to the trailer:

In case you need any convincing, here's a little taste of the good things in store! Well, what are you waiting for?

You can find some additional clips on YouTube.


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